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Nikko's Drive Welcomes You

Hi everyone! My name is Nikko and I have something to share with you and your family. Here at Nikko's Drive we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to run Disc Golf events for juniors and families. Check out nikkojesse64397 on Instagram to keep up to date!

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Upcoming Events

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We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors and allies


Innova Discs


PDGA Canada

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Ready Disc Golf



The generous support we receive from Innova Discs is what drives this machine. Being part of Team Innova is being part of a family and we strive to make our family proud.

We are thankful for the continued financial and professional support of PDGA Canada.

GRIPeq has had my back since I was 6. They were on board and supported the Nikko's Drive tour when it was just concept. Check out the toughest bags in the game at: 

To play at our best we have to be fit, flexible and kind. The professionals at Ready Disc Golf are helping us realize our potential and keep a step ahead.


Turning Interest Into Action

In the early days of the 2020 lockdown, Disc Golf meant a lot to our family. We realized that by working together, we could spread the joy of the game to more kids by making sure they got appropriate kids' discs and age-appropriate instruction. That's why we ultimately decided to launch Nikko's Drive. Our mission is to raise funds to put on disc golf events for juniors and families. We are going to develop a junior disc golf culture across the province.

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"The future is here...rocking sidearms, dropping jaws and here to sign his name across your heart. The grind is real, there's no counterfeiting that charm, on the tee, the last starfighter poised to go supernova, Nikko Forbes!" - Mr. Bee (TIML 2020)


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My Disc Golf Heros

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Thomas Gilbert

One of the longest-throwing disc golfers on pro tour, Thomas Gilbert is one of Canada's fastest rising stars. "I needed help with my backhand drive and generating more spin to carry my putt farther. It was such a good day when he agreed to coach me this winter. Thanks, Coach Thomas!"

Chris Ozolins

""Uncle Oz" gave me a life-changing disc. It was a 109g Roc. It was one of the first discs I could really throw with glide: it was so exciting! Uncle Oz works very hard for the sport and still has time to be a 1000+ rated professional golfer. He always makes time for me. When he is tournament-directing, he gives me cool jobs so I can help out. And his forehand bombs!!!"


Martin Hendel

A Team Innova teammate and true Canadian gentleman. "Marty has been a top Canadian since I was born. Watching him play on videos, and this summer in person, was super cool. His drives have so much spin they go forever! That's something I'm working on."

My Dad

The Adventure Van driver, a big time tournament director, a 900 rated golfer and 1000+ rated Dad. "My Dad works hard and always thinks of others."


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